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Thank you for choosing a JBL GT Series subwoofer. GT Series subwoofers are designed to suit a broad range of mobile audio applications and can be used in a wide variety of enclosure types to produce extended, powerful bass in a limited amount of vehicle space. To ensure maximum subwoofer performance, we strongly recommend that installation be left to a qualified professional. Although these instructions explain how to install a GT Series subwoofer in a general sense, they do not show box construction details and exact

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installation methods for your particular vehicle. If you do not feel you have experience, do not attempt the installation yourself, but instead ask your authorized JBL dealer about professional installation options.

The 3 Series meet JBL’s high standards for accuracy and long-term reliability in demanding professional applications. All 3 Series models incorporate JBL Professional transducer and network technologies to provide accurate frequency response, exceptional low frequency extension and high SPL capability. JBL Linear Spatial Reference (LSR) design.

  1. Owner’s Manual 305P MkII 5' Powered Studio Monitor 306P MkII 6' Powered Studio Monitor 308P MkII 8' Powered Studio Monitor LSR310S 10' Powered Studio Subwoofer. 2 Thank you for your purchase of JBL 3 Series Studio Monitors To receive important information as it becomes available, please take a moment to register your 3 Series.
  2. Download free JBL Speaker 4344 MKII manual. Brand: JBL author: na category: Speaker creator: na model: 4344 MKII producer: Acrobat Distiller 4.0 for Windows size: 246.17 KB page size: 612 x 792 pts (letter) pages: 2 optimized: yes title: na pdf version: 1.4.
  3. The 4344MkII utilizes a 2' compression driver with an Aquaplas-coated titanium dome. JBL has long chosen titanium as the material for its highest-quality high-frequency transducers and the 4344MkII is no exception. Titanium possesses the essential requirements for a high-frequency transducer. First, titanium is extremely light, yet rigid.

Remember to keep your sales receipt with this manual in a safe place so both are available for future reference.

Your Car and Bass


Depending on the size of the vehicle’s interior listening space, reproduced bass frequencies below 80Hz are actually boosted by nearly 12dB per octave as frequency decreases. NOTE: This effect, known as the vehicle’s transfer function, plays an important part in shaping the overall in-car response and is displayed graphically along with freespace response on the enclosed data sheet for your GT Subwoofer.

Enclosure Calculations

and Building Boxes

Use the recommended box designs on the enclosed data sheet or look for them on our Web site at www.jbl.com. Choose cabinet dimensions to fit your vehicle, but do not change the enclosure’s volume. Doing so will change the tuning frequency of the enclosure and may adversely affect final performance. If you cannot perform the necessary calculations yourself, please contact your authorized JBL dealer for help and information about JBL Speakershop™, a dedicated enclosure-design software program for experienced car-audio enthusiasts. Rotary vacuum filter.

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